Sell More, Protect Margins

With 80% of revenue coming from 5% of services, there’s no need to cram your pricebook with thousands of non-essential tasks. Pricebook Pro includes the most-used, revenue generating services.

Efficient Updates and Management

Manage your business and your pricebook in one place. Avoid bulky add-ons and unnecessary 3rd party relationships.

Get Up and Running Today

With preloaded services, images and price calculators, you’ll save 30+ hours in setup time. It’s easy to get Pricebook Pro up and running:

  1. Browse and select content
  2. Use our premium in-app tools to make customizations
  3. Plug in your material markups, billable rate, and surcharges to generate your prices
Office Features

Office Features

Select from the Top Revenue-Generating Services

Pricebook Pro content is complete with vivid images and descriptions for the most popular plumbing and HVAC services.

Take the Guesswork Out of Pricing

Pricebook Pro provides accurate sold hours and average material costs so you never leave money on the table.

Easily Manage Your Pricebook

Use our premium in-app tools to update your pricebook as your business evolves. Need help? Our world-class support team is here to assist.

Maximum Visibility, Total Confidence

See changes as you make them. As you update information in the office, Pricebook Pro gives you a real-time view of what your technicians will see out in the field.

Mobile Features

Boost Sales with Vivid Images

Browse and select from hundreds of services, appended with eye-catching images and descriptions. ServiceTitan has researched and surfaced the most used and top revenue-generating services so it’s easy to set up your pricebook content to maximize revenue.

Help Your Techs Sell More with Estimate Templates

Make selling easier for your techs by creating templates for commonly used estimates. The good, better, and best options lead to higher sales and larger average tickets.

Plumbing and HVAC Contractors Love ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro

Marlin Clark

Marlin James Air Conditioning & Heating

“Not only did ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro save us a ton of time, but it also gave us an easy to follow structure and took the guesswork out of pricing”

Yeudy Herrara

Maximum Indoor Comfort

“The ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro is an incredible timesaver. It would have taken us at least twice as long to get up and running with any other pricebook provider”